COLLANA 'Saggistica letteraria e linguistica'
edited by F.R. Paci, C. Pamarè, M. Pustianaz Essays in Victorian Literature and Culture

in Honour of Toni Cerutti

Two Letters from Antonio Gallenga to Lady Morgan Donatella Abbate Badin The Form of the Negative – The Breaking Point of Dickensian Realism in Mirando Haz’s Etchings Vito Amoruso What Do George Eliot’s Women Wear? Dress and Characterization in Her Stories Maria Luisa Bignami Guiding Without Losing – The Nineteenth-Century English Short Story Stefano Bronzini Shades of White – Virgins, Mothers and Nymphs – Images of Womanhood in Nineteenth-Century American Culture Guido Carboni A.E.’s Deirdre. A Celtic Legend Between Victorianism and Neoplatonism Melita Cataldi Salvatore Farina: “Dickens italiano” Clotilde De Stasio Queen Victoria and the Languages of Imperial Power Giacomo Ferrari         “Queen Elizabeth – Eliza Clark, licensed to sell tobacco” or Queen Elizabeth in the Victorian Era Franco Marenco Joyce and Browning Carla Marengo Vaglio Some Victorians and Metempsychosis Franco Marucci Lava Into Crystal: Ruskin’s Dark Materials Francesca Orestano The “veracious and moral history” of Don Juan and Vernon Lee Francesca Romana Paci No Orchids for Mr. Darwin Carlo Pagetti Annie Brassey on the Sunbeam: domesticating the voyage around the world Oriana Palusci The “new disease”: Adulterous and Bigamous Ladies in the Sensation Novel Gemma Persico “Concerning Mrs Beeton”: the Culture of Recipes/Recipes as Culture Giulia Pissarello Giving Him Back His Voice: the Victorian Shaping of Byron’s Celebrity Through His ‘Conversations’ Carla Pomarè Contingent Bodies and Liminal Subjects at the Fin de Siècle: Edward Carpenter Marco Pustianaz Waverly, or the Education of a Victorian Hero Franca Ruggieri A Belt of Star Gentians: Ruskin’s Wild Flower Imagery in Modern Painters Emma Sdegno His Oblique Writing: Simile as a Key to Joseph Conrad’s Multiple Vision in Lord Jim Giuseppe Serpillo Ruskin and the Ambivalence of the Grotesque. The Victorian Context Maristella Trulli A Negative Reading of the Carol: Italian Dickensians Meet Dino Buzzati and Mirando Haz Alessandro Vescovi

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